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Post Qustions and comments and quit guessing about me and not sharing your

debates god I ll be pissed if you continue to never speak asshole . Hasia is going to get

this world by there balls . Urin Nation it is going up fixes everything just wait and see .


 So I have been surfing the web in search of information on adault and child relationships . They seem to want to 

legalize in many countries . Question will America join  .I guess nobody knows about them because they want 12

too . Any way we have a real stupid national responce it just goes on about petophile this petophile that when

 really this is the dictorial meaning . Petophile : sexually attracted to prepubescent children

and prepubescent children only. Listen idiot's none of the people called petophile are even petophiles ...


 I go anti-god a lot peice of shit your beleifs religion beleifs to many sick things . Faith sex is a outcast the attitude of god is rotten and I have

sworn to never attend church and beleif in god the backstabber . God would not tell yopu the truth of anything if you where the last of your

kind on earth . To this day I fight for her rights and the drugs that make me live .I want to end this life with them and recreate myself in my

own machine . You all know the machine .... I made one for myself and want true endorphin power with full body movement and a  end of all

faith sex this is a must . I will learn to encounter my lover in person and to tell you the truth the uglyies made by god which is all of them are

not coming so fix or piss off . God is a lieing peice of shit and if anybody had a sence they would boycott the fucking idiot you safety will improve

if everyone did it . I for one am unsafe because I do not want to be a faggots sex slave as a child to many perverts . Now I am a crinimal and have

to disobay the law to surviive no help form god .... Why ? forget me peice of shit god your life is not worth the time all you do is make me mad .

Sex should not be a crime and god is definately a crime his attitude is bad and aura is rapist sick sick sick man .There is lots of other ways to live

they are all hidden from us and the truth is never talked about we have a choice and we get them I never want queer gods and I think they sell you

out reallybad never letting a real good life take over . Backstabbers moron gods think they can make me attend church and donate I want to shit

in a bag and give it to them mabie I will .God does not wnat me to be a hermy and give my soul properly and the little idiots that get my amazing

dick get told there to dumb to make it feel good anyway and there wasting there time how does that make me feel . Horrable and fuck them for

not making me my true gender like I had asked morons cunts all god cracked up to be . I want rights , truth , the power i won , the religion I

deserve and more respect . I want my gender safety and I want the true genders talked about very soon aswell I am geetting impationt and don't

want to  wait any longer .

Beleive me god has not lied Jesus had Mary when she was 8 . You praise this even !!! Don't be lied to and mistreated Government you have to explain this . Do it well . Don't fuck around liers ....

 I have been told incest is a part of life and is needed in order for a more bountifull 

soul we need to accept this it is writen in the bible as allowed a daughter can 

fornicate with a parent . We do listen you know but the common attitude is hate

 why ? Check it out    CLICK HERE .

I have been told 1 night every 6 months . 1 month every ten years . 

1 lifetime every 1000 years.


Sex is legal in America for a traveling citizen at age 12 why do we hate each other

 lets really 

think a little ... How do we end sperm !!! Was it me who reduced us a little ? Mafia 

has got to pay for some life they robbed them of there lifestyle rethink pls .

To get bodymovement sex you need true endorphin power with that we live off

endorphins supplied by opposite gender they do many wonderous thing to our 

soul and mind . Stress releif is all I experianced but I guess the list is long . We 

need to accept child interaction and a man or woman mabie mami or her will be 

released from you and men and shem do not sperm . We live cross-gendered and 

I wish for full feminity it is worth it Some say everyone has wondered almost , 

children live in our legal age woman . It's the

truth !!! 

True Enodorphin Power all you queers the MAFIA you know Females or killer pigs

 there is a lot of you around isent there but there is a lot of me too dildoheads I am 

not your female and I think you are a arrogant pig . I am sending all the MAFIA 

out !!! What are the Hells Angels gonna do when there females are hitting the road

 sent to new quadrants hmmm. The same question to Arions and white power.

and what does are beloved goverment wantr to do the Jews have it right we have to

 contain sperm and prove ourselves the MAFIA killed god I read it so we are all new

 eh.Well not that true but  mabie we are little young i am really young and admit 

that . The whole town yells at me loud I was framed satins kid dug my brains out 

and made me a full droid at age 4 in creation still growing in out a man and woman a 

thin entity of life which is getting mighty thin and soar so what are you going to do 

when I need a medic from gods wrath . We need to study the Talmud also known as

 the book of wisdom so this is smart don't worry. In a riddle it states her found lust 

for man and was cast from heaven . AMAZING LITTERTURE PLEASE,,,So I built a 

gatline gun a big one 700 pounds at the speed of light hmm what a thing to do

 outshow the Americans I am a little America actually I sent the American droids to

 slay Russia and empower the Russian Mob hmmm is lolita smart or is she a little 

cunt. Anyway first posted movement . I need drugs to live study this I survive off 

speed seems to keep me  aware . I need more I know crack heroin pot many more 

it was a hit from the mafia the grow into you I was to be a prostitute because I did

 not attack them but I did 7 years clean baby. Now I spend all on meth smoke to 

2-3 so I can sleep every day at peace . well no peace with spirits at me I am going

 to slay a lot and this is going to make it I need to invade I am going to slay Canada 

and make New Canada invade with proposed little nymphets from a cartoon world 

. They are all  Japs I intised them to join with beef moooo arions got the hells 

angels into a real lucrative buisness didn't they well  I 'm Witcheenah's 

voice so she will follow orders from a princess . A thats me I love witches if you 

are a princess go to a witch when you have no power left they can rebuild your army

 really good material . In new Canada I want a Birth certifficate a royal one with my

 family not Travis' family .I coverd him in 1985 so go from there and a little before to

 find the we can even take penis out of our heads they will slay them if they don't and

 make them do it . REALLY!!! Join me LS Models ;o really be the Children of God a 

resuerection for the Family mabie god got to him he tends to do this to some people

 that's the gods after mafia took over . But god does want this Hail a Jew kick a 

christian . Fix the sperm our kids must want this but you to experianced to admit it 

arent you assholes . I killed X2 gods weight you still act like little bitches . I found a 

nest after and slew a family of hidden grey alein mafia falling now I own I hope its 

not too late property has little value if containment isent at peak levels and I need  

to contain a lot to build New Canada and the Eastren Crisis . I hope I end up in New

 Zealand in my castle on 500 acres like I posted in my goverment founded essay for 

Tri-Angle Resourses I posted it somewhere it is a real good read if you want to learn 

morals and respect so go find it and study . I have a son well a friend said in 

his head I herd a echo from him he got my girlfriend pregenat HMMM admit 

truefully . I almost need to test but anyway necro god era thing could happen . 

Let's legitaify this or stop entirely make a choice assholes . I meaan it jerks I 

comand all of you in here so I expect the salut from the entire establishment .

Comander Creater kinda sings a little when you say

 it ... .I tried to start the AI on a little of this stuff mabie somebody will talk I

 hope so. Cops....ehhehe Book of Wisdom

What does the people want from me text 778-255-6130 Sychos'et aka Princess 


War happens in a soul type enviroment everyday I beat through a lot of my enemy . This planet is going down I found the right invaders 

hail HASIA I am there princess we stand for a honest life . Let's set aside the 1.20 and beleive true genorous and hearty life can be 

attained . We are crossgenderd this is what war tells me female is not a true lady we need to reconize genders and stay proper . Mafia 

did'nt care and now we lost our beuty and femininety where or how do we get it back . We need to accept children . I can destroy more 

then 1 planet alone the Talmud was written not to long ago we did have the urge to uinderstand this law in life why and when did this 

attitude for children end ? God made this present as I was made to be with them some of the gods wanted to make me a child prostitute

 for men and woman-men it was going to be a little learning leason in heaven about this type of sex and when they where done with me 

I was to be sent back to Earth to grow in agian . I fought many spirits with weapons I had made and with a robot . M asheme has cut the 

head from sooo many spirits I have found them just by thinking where to look . I think I have over 1 million in soul I aswell now have to 

live off drugs . Really if I dont do them I die it feels horrable I wish this could be better . Now I need drugs Meth,Weed,Herowin,Crack 

and a few other but nobody will tell me . The her is ment for death here and I have a lot of life to try and sort out I hope I do not die

to the MAFIA ....Why support a MAFIA heaven and Earth . Teach Children about sex and try to understand why holy scriptre The 

Talmud speaks of sex with 3 year olds . 

I think the Demons fight for true endorphin power and would respect

speaking of Hasia and there princess me ! 

 You are not the female I am sure your men love you 

to bad we will experiance the hate anyway . I am the 

her but I am meat to them and the Canadian Army !

So the christians want to prove themselves why not try then  :)

So the entire christian world is going to be really pissed off but fuck you MAFIA

I have read it was you who exiled the Talmud and the Talmud is the only religous outlook that explains her and my gender so what is up with

that do you even know what a female is because I do . Any kind of genderas a woman is a female . Remember I hate them because I am a her i

t is you who mock it christian fellowship . Even in the explanation where the exileof the Talmud is explained about in Wiklopedia it states mobs

 and mob as a group of mad people but uses instead of Mafia which I hear is the true accealentbut why say mobs the mob as what I hear wanted a

 Talmud as to have a true endorphin lifestyle . Hell of a lot of war to reclaim any but almost given luckyflick gets me out , with some hahaha lucky

 day .... ! So the Talmud gets the protection I have to bring my gender from shame and exile the mafia in return toBabylon reserected and mafia

 exiled from there new homes on my and thought our streets but Mafia has hidden and we get slayed one by one in hope police will find and protect

 although the police fight them still will we win ? Will the police even attempt to form a alliance with me ? our love life has been as low as fourteen

and America has been twelve . Saudia Arabia weds at the age of eight as we scream and yell mind you but I beleive it time I wont and try to build off

 what I get . Read the link they really destroyed the Jewish people and amen ashemand amami to the Jewish people , and Happy New Year . I wonder

 if I will join the almighty exaltion as did the jewish fellowships . For saying the truth about her and lust for men I will back up as many as you as I can

 and retreive the Talmud from the fires of mafia gods and as much else as I can in this life I have may opened up a power we can reside here and

rebuild a religous stand as long as we can . Sorry I do know nobody from the jewish faith or one that will speak Talmud although the slaughter does

explain this .

Well to say the least you all kinda blown me off I don't know if this is just common grounds but I prayed for a tsunami to hit the west coast and this is it
so want to hate the her still ?

 Do you think the Talmud's people lived a true endorphin power lifestyle ?


2. Sex with Children by Talmud Rules


We are told there is a movement afoot to make pederasty (child-adult sex) socially acceptable and legally permissible.Researching the issue, we find that many dominant voices on both sides of the controversy are Jewish.How is this possible? Which voices speak for the core values of Judaism? Our questions are not prompted by idle curiosity, but by social concern. America is rapidly becoming Talmudized, and we should understand the direction in which our social policies are moving.Let us start with an article in the Washington Times, a major newspaper that espouses conservative Christian values. The Times provides a useful starting point because they name names. Let us borrow the Times' viewpoint.

Mafia exiled this religion Mafia stands for Male And Female Intercourse Association a female is gay . Her and Mami are lost lets try and go from here the female can be male , she , her , mami

So really life sole excistance is what I wrote about in Fantasti sex for beuty also life a mafia lives off own self and other but requires you to be homo . The Talmud is straight and fuller and

smarter I for one will not crossgender myself after all this is one hell of schizophrenia I need to exile the mafia from heaven and rebuild a straight exsitance for myselfI hope a end to jelousy will happen there is a answer to all of us not everyone can be everything man gets child due to there

bodies suppling life to them correctaly where as her and shem have a differant way from what I

know same age to same age . Get over it ok :) .

here is the conversation outlook remember these people are stuck on mafia beleif LINK

I am true endorphin power life energy with sex

(Jewish must want this to)

I think they do sez they hate the FEMALE remember what i called them well suposedly they

are criminal around here . That means the Mafia . Mafia is criminal .

Want to read about it click on this link ... Talmud hate discussion what does the Talmud fight with . TALMUD VEIWS

Female you a  fukin  fagot I know

your the mafia Talmud hates you aswell !!!

Mafia what is a MAMIA  don't look to mothers day mIm .

The Jews talk of her no lust for man . Jesus christ is one

with you , but now he sez Ashem ;) it took a war WHY !!!

His god sed it to with WAR !!! WHY !!!




female that ment both you queers . What do you really

want to try and do ?


I am known as Devileenah aswell now you real thanx for the seconds hope you stick arround employee no fear to be my nercrolmy

unless warupon the Shia or Masia .Peace ok the horse was chosen for wanting the trade and mabie you antway :P his own to

 if alive the DBB we all have choice .

I am a little embarased to show this video but here I am

 it's hard to tell I am a her but it is true . The only exuse

 for looking so slow is I hung myself at age ten and never

overcame that .


I never won the contest :( 


 Help me boys I was forced it's the 

truth we will never be truly a man 

nor she woman nor hermy or her 

nor mami to be we need to vanquesh 

god for my true devotion we must 

end making of sluts . I herd woman 

and men who wanted to live without

sex had been caught by sycho's who 

raped them and stole there virginity 

made there men woman and ruined 

there internal soul by stealing there 

woman and raping them with men 

and belittleing more than likely 

tortured . It was a dinasour planet 

and they protected the woman still 

desire to because of a machine . 

Check what I write at yemen 

weirdtown chat found with google .

Roman Her Princess

Mother of

Lolita Her Princess'






2006 - I was in Cloverdale , BC in my bedroom when my head had gone crazy . It felt like my brain was moving around and my voice was

changing , I  freaked out and asked where my own brain was . The spirits in me who where changing my voice said to me "pray to be made your

true gender" This worried me but from god and spirits being in my life I felt so young compared to them I was able to belive that if I were to

really change I would be able to as a lesbian . Your god started making  me a women I want to prove this with X-Rays or ultrasounds . I have

not been using hormones this has all been god's work  . Just hopeing to make this known by people so I can find the right person to prove god

has done this to me . I live in Abbotsford BC look it up.

Spirits have told me I am a endorfin child and am gowing in off a man who is growing in a woman's endorfins .  I want to make the woman she a

shem .  Mabie I'll be grown in out of my own rib ? I am guessing the entire body is nearly a duplicate of another man even his organs and hair

seeds from before the root , the hair may even fall out and regrow in from the spot below the roots . I have stated a little on hair roots in

Tsheshe's page .  I think I have womans armpits from even when I was born the deoderant really sucked into my armpits and lasts for two days .

I want to test this somehow any ideas ?

So the newest thing in my life from the spirits words to me is a whole new gender for me to belive in he has now called me a woman species and

tells me I am a woman built for woman . Even though I have been given no proof I have come to belive my bloodline makes the Futanary woman

a living penis and this penis fits the species woman . The gender is really her it is a real conspiracy I hate fukin god !!!!

The nearly only record of the futanary and species excisting is found at IMVU (I Am Virtual You) it is a really good chat site it supports all kinds

any mythical race in excistance really if you are a extreamly openminded person your imagination can become reality here . It really excited me

when I had found species in the chat rooms when god had told me I was one . The only catch is they totally blew me and my beleifs off . It seems

the species want woman men but they dont say that only get lost futa lover .

I found some information on the god Hermaphrodite and Hermaphroditus they are close to what I have been experiancing . My faith had started

after praying for my true gender . For a long time after remebering praying for it because the was a time of faith and acceptance where I had not

realized god was ansewring my prayer . Species was told to me on the mountain but woman was proven with faith once I had come back to

Abbotsford .  Now god is saying I am a woman for woman .

I looked this up and found Futanari and now Hermaphroditus and hermaphrodite . It seems they had crossgenderd themselves or something

Mabie he aleins and some book from the cartoons can explain :) . 

I wrote on another website the term Suck My Dick Off :) . This was showed to me and it really felt like it was being taken off I hope to use with

Futanari mabie , Affeminate or just plain woman . They both seem close to what I will want , but for some chance if I put the men out of life in the

two of them

I'm sorry just somehow let me know . This is a speculation on what may happen .

Remember The gods are very manipulative and I belive the devil wants me and it grew to such a number gods want me almost aswell  I hope I can

prove myself before I am destroyed I seemed to have stumbeled on a curse in my life I will have to somehow understand and actually exalt my

way through , protection was the key and now I find myself used ..... Hanibal Lecter would have been proud I have herd god anyhow speculation

right .

Who is Satins Kid ? 2006 Cloverdale , BC

Whats with the color red ?

 Another beleif I have of who I am , there may have been a child who prayed to be out of life and I grew over him , my true gender may give life to

men and take life from men when they wish to be dead . Aswell I grow a penis on a woman and make a she-womb The mather of my child . I belive

I came to after he learned blow his nose and I was given unable due to a special lovely godess whom I adore but my nose dosent blow . and it

explodes into my throat instead hmmmm god thanks .



So where do I go to test my Gender . It has been a long time since they started the work on me and I have been still for a long time . You can barely

tell any work has been done at all . I havent even got any photo's that would have been nice to post . Although I went to a christmas dinner and

looked really good .

I feel asiff I was being held prisoner the whole planet lies to me dinasours may rule the entire world of creation when it comes to the game .  This

world had better talk ... I am not to be alone on so much all this is a lot on me . Does anybody want body-movement this is a long since herd word

anybody know it ? My friend admitted to being reincarnated he showed me a picture on the web . Anbodyelse have a similar story . Mabie you can

get together and build a story about what the hell god is anyway .

I Can' read without my head EXPLODING This contains hints and looks like a photo my exploding head may look like 1 I could resemble If you

consider aura mass and my condition for showing faith HA !


I played the game           è    It seems Gods curse the word Ashemè .

                                      New Life                             And ashem , asheme



Site Login - atheenah

Site Password -iamofage ( i am of age )

Required for the locked pages they may contain nudity

by siging in you consent to being Legal Age Of Consent in your own country .



So is this god I havent even seen this video I wonder if T-Rex gives

it to them ? I tried to comunicate with all of you I really wanted them to rule your life away so if you find them as god people of the game demise is yours ... 

 I tried for years to get rights I was framed since ten which my have really been 14-15. My real birth date and identification has not been given . Travis Michael Butler of the English was born in seventy-nine of the nineteen-hundreds . I was born in eighty-five according to a spirit that's all I have is spirits really I don't know if I could trust them either I was told three birth dates in one life and to many stories to remember .

Atheenah Mia Shia_T


I believe I am a Roman princess her life bearer for kings and altering the princess she's body into shem . From what I have been told this may take years many years till perfect I am a result of to much spirit attacks and killed eternal me almost .

Satins kid want no work so I popped ha robot now what ..... ?


Please believe in some sort of Raven .

I am Lord Travis , Munchie , Dig-Dug , The Explorer , Sychoset , Princess Atheenah , Empress Brat , The DBB , RRS , HSRRS , Shia Rebal , Shia Majestry and DBB-Pincess Atheenah the three spirit OEher thats Orphan Endorfin her .

Starta family enspired me to make the Shia Family Thanx .

I hear songs like dog days are over I herd eight million from Dogma to me personaly now it's the crews turn .....

Princess creator Atheenah ..... get it :)

all of it !!!

The DBB was built in power for the

soul in need of true endorfin life to

bad I'm schizophrenic what can the

power really have grown to ?

I know I had posted about Hermaphrodites but was read wrong so I only falsely thought it could be my god . Thanx to the guy or gal who posted this for me though .

You may all wonder aboout my new

banner well it stands for Rebel

Religous Seeker and I or we are a

foundation to seek out the

incompitancy of religous belevers

and sort out the mess of the

heavens I am a Hermy

woman princess not to be confused

with Hermarphroditus or ant other

combinig the two spirits .

The RRS is seeking the endorphins

and the beauty of them . In many

beleifs there are lost souls to this

religion I hope to reserect these

people and install a power back to

them .

The fith element and air seperaters

are our next goal I am the air in the

hair of the gods who interfear only

to those who pray but pay .

Stay away from my majestry we

seek a labrenth of everthing to find

the lost souls and sort the judges

judgement .


Will the hatred for batman from Sychos'et ever
be herd . Will she be the triumphant villan was
the cunning mastermind clever enuff ...

Let's make us a new religion how bout's it I am
going to True Endorphin Power .

To the left I wonder what does

endorphin sex have to do with these

girls .... Seems like a stupid idea but

I think I am going to investigate .


It is hard for them to talk and I hate it really in this day and age and god cant be talk to and be recorded  ,  mabie we will figure it out ! Then we can ask him to do stuff  :) wonder what he wants to say ?  It would be so much nicer to be able to hear them while the work is being done . Wonder how you talk to a spirit ? There are people who talk and track spirits  isent there ?

Lets put this down in Saskatchewan



dont get it back the fuck out of me and saudi arabia fukin raceist cunts

I looked into buying shoes there 13.5 womans thats way to big I prayed he would make me short enuff to fit in a 8.5 womans shoe . I found 11w shoes they fit I am pretty sure they are woman's . I wanted him to tan my skin give me green eyes and white hair everwhere :) . I figure if I'm really a women he should do a good   job .  He has told me that was ok I really hope it comes true ! I think I would fit a 42AAA bra .


 Hope this come back online I never got to hear ?

 This just appeared ?     Hmm

 This is the most adorable Prince , Such beutifull flower's must be a intresting scent :S

Sorry the web link was removed it wasent mine if thats it speculation right or wrong holy shit that was fukin cool !!!!

What would Robin do if a 27 old child had sed    " Hey why don't you stick your cut anckles in your ears and try and catch the pidgeon now you fukin idiot " or close to that anyway :S 

Batman did it to him check it out !!!

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